About us

Join us to tour and taste the best wineries in the Alentejo.

Simon is a wine expert, wine lover and wine writer.  He owns a wine shop and bar in Brighton, England and has decided to share his passion for Portuguese wine by introducing people to the exciting vineyards of the Alentejo.  His enthusiasm for wine is contagious and as your host on the tour, he will educate and entertain you between winemakers.
Fiona is a keen traveller and novelist and makes money to fund these pursuits by working in advertising in London.  Her wanderlust has been curbed by this curious and enchanting part of Portugal, and also by Simon!  She loves many things about the Alentejo including the landscape, the people, the wine, the castles and the cakes.
Together, Simon and Fiona have been visiting the Alentejo for four years and are passionate about the unique wine and landscape it offers.  We have visited countless wineries and drank countless wines, all for you!  Now we have shortlisted our favourite vineyards and would love to share these with you.