Self-guided Alentejo Wine Tours

Don’t worry – we are not asking you to guide yourself around the vineyards and dark cellars of the Alentejo, but you might want to consider a more flexible and economic way of experiencing an Alentejo Wine Tour, by booking a self-guided tour.
You tell us what kind of tour you’re looking for (a day tour of vineyards perhaps? Or a two day gastronomic tour of wine and food) and we will make all the arrangements for you, sending you a detailed itinerary and map, ensuring all bookings are made for you, and there is a friendly host waiting for you at each spot.
So… if you are happy with your own company and don’t need the charm and wit of Simon and Fiona at hand, feel free to get in contact and we can have a chat about what you’re looking for.
If you would rather have your own driver for the day (often handy when visiting vineyards!) this can also be arranged, contact us for prices and availability.

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