Convento Senhora da Vitória, Castelo de Vide

Senhora da Vitória is the most stylish convent you’re likely to ever come across!  The communal areas are spacious and colourful, and antique furniture is beautifully contrasted with new, to give the whole place a seriously edgy but comfortable feel. In certain corners of the building you could be in a modern art gallery, in other corners a traditional home, and yet the monumental structure of the convent holds it all together in a divine mix.  The chapel remains untouched and is a breathtaking space to sit and gather your thoughts, while the outdoor area is colourful, bohemian and begs you to relax!  There is a vast choice of rooms and apartments to suit everyone, and each of these is well styled and artistic.

The town of Castelo de Vide is only a few minutes walk away, but far enough to maintain the convent’s peaceful tranquility.  A glorious mix of old, new, rural and urban awaits you at the Convento Senhora da Vitória.

You can find more information and book via Convento Senhora da Vitória’s website here.

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